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Learn Vietnamese for free. Start your no-frills Vietnamese learning journey right here today! No sign-up required, no payment required. Learn what you need to say in real life situations with authentic colloquial expressions. This course is best suited for learners who are short on time.

Contents —

Lesson 1 : 10 characteristics of the Vietnamese langauge

10 characterics of the Vietnamese language that any absolute beginner must know. Do not skip this lesson if you are a complete beginner otherwise you are gonna get really confused later on.

Lesson 2 : Greetings & Introduction

Learn the few essential words and phrases that you’re likely to say when you initiate a conversation with someone.

Lesson 3 : Essential phrases for the budding Vietnamese learner

These are must know phrases to help you get by as a Vietnamese learner. You’ll learn how to tell someone you don’t understand something, or that you’re a learner, and also phrases that you will definitely use when taking lessons with your teacher or when doing language exchanges with a native speaker online.

Lesson 4 : Ordering food at a restaurant

Understand what the restaurant staff are saying, and learn the appropriate vocabulary so that you can order correectly and get what you want in Vietnamese.

Lesson 5 : Asking for directions

When it’s difficult to get around with a map, learn how to strike up a conversation with a random stranger, and ask for directions from them to get to where you want to go.

Lesson 6 : Shopping

Whether you’re shopping in a mall or at a stall, learn the relevant vocabulary so that you can buy the correct item you want.

Lesson 7 : Telling Time & Dates

You will need to know how to tell the time and dates in instances where you are communicating with a service provider, be it a private hire driver, tour guide, hotel staff, and just in general when you need to share a bit more information of your circumstance with a stranger.

Lesson 8 : Dealing with an emergency

When something unexpected happens and you need to seek help from the locals.

Lesson 9 : Going to the doctor



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