Education System

Tiểu Học (TH) – lớp 1 đến lớp 5 – 6 tuổi đến 10 tuổiPrimary School – Grade 1 to Grade 5 – Ages 6 to 10 Trung Học (TrH) Trung Học Cơ Sở (THCS) – lớp 6 đến lớp 9 – 11 tuổi đến 14 tuổiMiddle School/Junior High School – Grade 6 to Grade […]

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Going to the doctor

Medical Facilities pharmacy clinic dental clinic health station / medical station / (government funded health posts that are smaller than hospitals) hospital Symptoms anorexia cough diarrhea dizziness earache fever flu footsore hand pain headache indigestion itchy runny nose stomachache sneeze sore throat sleepy tired vomit Phrases used by doctors What’s wrong with you? Since when […]

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Dealing with an emergency

Common phrases Help!(a general call for attention in the hopes that someone in your surrounding will come to your rescue) Someone’s drowning. Fire! Someone call the police, please! Someone call the ambulance, please! Someone call the fire deparment, please! Falling ill He’s choking on a fishball. I’m having a nosebleed. The bleeding does not stop. […]

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Telling Time & Dates

day 2 days before yesterday the day before yesterday yesterday today tomorrow the day after tomorrow two days after tomorrow Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday What day is today? Today is Saturday. weekday weekend holiday public holiday morning noon afternoon evening night decade century millennium in the old days once upon a time […]

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What do you want to buy? I want to buy a shirt. I’ll buy this one. I’ll take this one. What sizes do you have for this one? / What sizes are there for this one? This one is too big. Do you have a bigger size? This one is too small. Do you have […]

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Traditional Vietnamese Musical Instruments

Stringed Instruments monochord zither plucked zither (guzheng) two-stringed bowed instrument (erhu) bowed string instrument (“coconut shell fiddle”) plucked two-stringed instrument plucked two-stringed instrument (qinqin) plucked three-stringed lute with a trapezoidal wooden body plucked string instrument (pipa) Wind Instruments gourd flute (hulusi) transverse flute (dizi) recorder double reed wind instrument (suona)Varieties: Percussion Instruments bamboo xylophone three […]

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Linguistic terms and common words in textbooks

linguistics Word Order subject – verb – object Parts of Speech noun pronoun verb adjective adverb preposition conjunction interjection personal pronoun first person personal pronoun second person personal pronoun thrid person personal pronoun first person singular first person plural Vietnamese alphabet letter (of the alphabet) syllable consonant vowel numeral cardinal number even number odd number […]

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