Free Online Burmese Lesson

Learn Burmese for free. Start your no-frills Burmese learning journey right here today! No sign-up required, no payment required. Learn what you need to say in real life situations with authentic colloquial expressions. This course is best suited for learners who are short on time.

Contents —

Lesson 1 : 10 characteristics of the Burmese langauge

10 characterics of the Burmese language that any absolute beginner must know. Do not skip this lesson if you are a complete beginner otherwise you are gonna get really confused later on.

Lesson 2 : Greetings & Introduction

Learn the few essential words and phrases that you’re likely to say when you initiate a conversation with someone.

Lesson 3 : Essential phrases for the budding Burmese learner

Lesson 4 : Ordering food at a restaurant

Lesson 5 : Asking for directions

Lesson 6 : Shopping

Lesson 7 : Telling Time & Dates

Lesson 8 : Dealing with an emergency

Lesson 9 : Going to the doctor


Burmese Vowels


Typing Burmese

Linguistic terms and common words in textbooks

Traditional Burmese Musical Instruments

Addresses in Burmese

Compare: Burmese and Chinese

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